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Issues and Fixes

Issues and Fixes

IPv4 DNS resolvers

For the RIPE RIS monitors to work, you need to have an IPv4 DNS resolver on the machine that runs the backend docker container.

Browser support and compatibility

Some older version of browsers do not use session cookies by default on the Fetch API. This means that communication with GraphQL will not work and you will have parseJSON syntax error on the console of the browser.

To fix this, either update your browser or download the newest version of the tool.

Storage of ARTEMIS on NFS

Due to time-sensitive operations in DB and continuous interaction with the rest of the system, it is strongly discouraged to deploy Artemis on a VM where the VM’s virtual disk resides on an NFS based storage system. NFS has been proved to be a bottleneck when Artemis tries to apply operations in the DB, which results on degradation of performance and numerous false positive alarms.

If deployed in a VM, we encourage you to use local storage for the VM’s HDD. This deployment can guarantee proper processing of the BGP updates on time.

ATTENTION: use RFC2622 operators wisely, while they are easy to express they may represent billions of prefixes underneath!

Issues with nginx container starting

Cannot start service nginx: oci runtime error: container_linux.go:...: starting container process caused "container init exited prematurely"

This may happen due to two reasons, both of them can be easily addressed in your local setup: 1. The host-mapped ports 80 and 443 needed for nginx to serve ARTEMIS UI are already occupied by another process. Please check and make sure that the ports are free. 2. Your volume-mapped files are actually directories in your local folders. Please make sure that you use the correct file mappings for the nginx service.

The related parts of the docker-compose.yaml file can be found here (ports) and here (volumes).