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Scaling Microservices

Scaling microservices

You can instruct the tool to run multiple instances of any of the following microservices.

  • autoignore
  • autostarter
  • configuration
  • database
  • detection
  • fileobserver
  • mitigation
  • notifier
  • prefixtree
  • riperistap
  • bgpstreamlivetap
  • bgpstreamkafkatap
  • bgpstreamhisttap
  • exabgptap

However, we recommend not scaling tap microservices, and in case you have issues with large BGP update loads, to scale only the following microservices:

  • detection (for load-balancing detection processes)
  • prefixtree (for load-balancing prefix tree lookups; attention, this requires memory!)
  • database (for load-balancing database access)

To apply scaling (can be upwards or downwards):

  • Before you initiate artemis:

    docker-compose up --scale <service_1>=number_of_service_1_replicas> --scale <service_2>=number_of_service_2_replicas> ... -d
  • While ARTEMIS is running (live):

    docker-compose scale <service_1>=number_of_service_1_replicas>
    docker-compose scale <service_2>=number_of_service_2_replicas>