Information stored in Redis:

key format value type value description
[a-z0-9]{32} string dictionary hijack ephemeral key with all details in value
[a-z0-9]{32} string "1" or None BGP update persistent key
[a-z0-9]{32}token_active string "1" or "0" track if token is active
[a-z0-9]{32}token list "token" used with BLPOP like a mutex for hijack processing
hijack_[a-z0-9]{32}_prefixes_peers set "prefix_peerASN" get prefixes and peer ASes from ephemeral hijack key
hij_orig_neighb_[a-z0-9]{32} set "origin_neighbor" store origin-neighbor pairs per hijack
prefix_$PREFIX_peer_$ASN_hijacks set "hijack key" store the hijack keys for this prefix and peer asn
$SERVICE_seen_bgp_update string "1" or none check if we saw update the last X minutes
peer-asns set ASNs peer ASNs as numbers
last_handled_timestamp string timestamp last BGP update handled timestamp
persistent-keys set "hijack_key" persistent hijack keys
redis-bootstrap string "1" or None signal if redis is bootstrapped by DB
database-goahead list "1" used with BLPOP like a mutex for database coordination