Moving Folders

In case there is a need to move the artemis folder (incl. git code) to a new location due to e.g., permission issues, the following steps can be followed:

  1. Stop any running ARTEMIS instances (use down; see also this section).
  2. Backup your local_configs folder; this includes backend, monitor and frontend configuration files.
  3. Backup your postgres-data-current folder; this includes BGP update and hijack information, as well as related statistics, old configurations and intended service states. You can delete it altogether if you do not need this kind of state and want to start with a clean DB.
  4. Backup your frontend/db folder; this includes the user DB used to authenticate and authorize frontend users.
  5. Backup your .env file; this includes all environment variables used for ARTEMIS (see also this page).
  6. Backup any docker-compose yaml files that you might have changed with custom volume mappings, environment variables, etc.
  7. Clone ARTEMIS anew in a new filesystem location: git clone
  8. Run the inverse steps 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 (restore from backup locations).
  9. Start ARTEMIS as usual.

For kubernetes setups please consult the ARTEMIS team in Slack.